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Town of Rice Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin

The Town of Rice Lake is rural in character with a majority of the land devoted to a mixture of agriculture and forests.

Residential and commercial development is located primarily on land with poor agricultural productivity, or is predominantly concentrated near the City of Rice Lake along the STH 48 corridor.

All new developments are planned and sited in order to consider water resources, forests, and productive farmland, and to reinforce the rural character of the Town.

The  Town of Rice  Lake  is  a desirable place to  live because of  its rural character, natural beauty,  and  proximity to regional employment opportunities. 

The community  values  its proximity to educational  centers (schools, colleges, libraries,etc.), recreational amenities, USH 53, and the City of Rice Lake. Local leaders continue to work with adjoining towns, the City of Rice Lake, and Barron County to manage development and the delivery of services for the betterment of the region.

-Source, Town of Rice Lake Comprehensive Plan

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Can the Town Hall be reserved?
What do i need permits for?
Permits are required for burning, construction, driveways, and utility excavation. Please contact the following individual(s): Burning Permits – contact the Town Chairman or any Board Supervisor. Building Permits – contact the Building Inspector Driveway Permit Applications – contact Chairman, or Clerk/Treasurer’s office Short Term Rental Property Application - contact Clerk/Treasurer’s office Utility Excavation Permits – contact Clerk/Treasurer’s office
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