Forms & Permits

Absentee Ballot Application (EL 121)

Animal Control Ordinance

Building Permits 

Dog Licenses – See below

Driveway Permit  – Please read the Town’s Driveway ordinance and amendments prior to submitting an application.

Land Use Application (for variances, special exceptions, rezonings, subdivisions)

No Fee Permit Application for Agricultural Commercial Vehicles

No Fee Permit Application for Implements of Husbandry (IoH)

Objection Form for Real Property Assessment (Form required to appear at Board of Review to object to assessed value of Real Property)

Objection form for Personal Property Assessment (Form required to appear at Board of Review to object to assessed value of Personal Property)

Operator (Bartender) License

Special Hauling Permits (to exceed spring weight limits)

Utility Excavation Permits

Voter Registration Application (EL 131)

Dog Licenses


In accordance with State Statute 174.05 and 95.21(2) and Barron County Ordinances, all dogs 5 months of age and older
are required to be vaccinated for rabies and licensed. To obtain a dog license, simply submit a copy of your dog’s RABIES
VACCINATION CERTIFICATE and the applicable fee ($6 for spayed/neutered or $11 for unaltered) to the Clerk’s Office by
March 31st of each calendar year. Please make checks payable to the Town of Rice Lake, 1830 Macauley Ave., Rice
Lake, WI 54868. A $6.00 late fee will be added for applications received after March 31 for all dogs owned for more than
one month and older than five months in age. FAILURE TO LICENSE YOUR DOG COULD RESULT IN A BARRON

LANDLORDS: All landlords with rental property located in the Town of Rice Lake, please pass the dog licensing
requirements on to your tenants.

BARKING & ROAMING: Both the Town of Rice Lake and the Barron County have ordinances prohibiting dogs from
running at large and/or barking excessively. Please comply with these laws by keeping your pets leashed or fenced at all
times, and if necessary, use barking restraints. To report violations, contact the Barron County Humane Officer at 715-
537-3106 or the Town Chairman at 715-296-6258.